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Until very recently, the mere idea of finding the best fresh seafood market online was an oxymoron of sorts? After all, how could seafood still be fresh if it was being purchased online and shipped hundreds or thousands of miles away? As such, how much seafood people ate depended a lot on where they lived. In coastal cities like our hometown, Boston, we were steeped in the appreciation of the sea’s variety and bounty, and the know-how of how to choose it – and when – and how to prepare it was passed down seamlessly from generation to generation.

We set out to become your source of the best fresh seafood market online because there are people and places where these ways are less well-known. And, too, we find that even in coastal communities, the pace of the digital age often gets in the way of making fresh seafood a regular part of your life.

So, we asked ourselves, “What would a person want from the best fresh seafood market online?” Well, because we won’t get to talk face to face on each visit to the pier, the way our great-great granddad did, we knew you’d want some proof. Some evidence that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to fresh seafood. Some clues and confirmation that we stand up for what we promise.

Five Generations and 40-Plus Years

Well, long before we set out to offer the best fresh seafood market online, our family was down at the Boston Fish Pier before dawn every day to meet the boats and select from the catch. Everything our family has done for a living since those days has been a careful effort to scale-up while keeping the trust our customers had in us from those days forward.

We built there at the Pier from the beginning. As our family and the business grew, we had to move to larger quarters, but we were still just down the street. As the interest in what we have to offer grew even farther afield we added more bays for transportation. And so on. The story is continuous when you step back a bit and look. We were just finding ways to grow into the care and knowledge that came before us, and the wide acceptance that resulted from it.

Our Variety Grew, Too

Anymore, our name – Boston Sword & Tuna – is a tradition more than a description. Because long ago, the family applied what we know to lobster, delicious scallops and shellfish, and to different varieties such as salmon. We had always dealt with the whitefish so popular here – we call it groundfish – especially cod and haddock.

Recently, we added smaller fish such as red snapper, grouper, monk fish, and striped bass to our offerings. We call these varieties “headfish,” because traditionally they’re sold with the head on. Offering them, too, was part of offering the best fresh seafood market online, because people love the break they offer because each kind has its own unique flavor and texture. Some are available as fillets, too, from time to time.

Prepared Seafood – Our Kitchen-Friendly Approach

Part of our preparation for evolving from a trusted, long-time source for restaurants and fine food stores to the people you look to for the best fresh seafood market online to serve at home was to invest in and perfect our ability to prepare portions for you.

And that’s just what we’ve done. As with every part of our online offerings, we come to you with ample experience, developed fully in our restaurant division, in portioning and packaging your selections. Making fresh seafood easy to serve, as well as easy to understand and select, is essential to our work for you.

Responsible Citizens of the Seas

Respect for our customers has taught us how many are interested in making sure their impact on the environment is conscious and responsible. So, Boston Sword & Tuna has been active for a long time in seafood sustainability. We figured you’d want the best fresh seafood market online to come from people who want – as you do – to be responsible stewards and protectors of what we’ve been given. After all the seas have sustained our family for as long as we’ve lived,

We make it easy on our website for you to check the impact of your selection on the sustainability of our ocean bounty. Each product is accompanied by a green, yellow, or red icon that indicates “Best Choice, Good Alternatives, or Avoid,” depending on the abundance of each kind of fish and also on the kind of fishing practices in use to bring them in. Other great resources include Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch, Oceana's Sustainable Seafood Guide, and NRDC's Smart Seafood Buying Guide.

Our Mission to Offer the Best Fresh Seafood Market Online

For any number of good reasons, people everywhere are making fresh seafood a priority in their lives and in their family’s diet. With our own family’s history, and the gratitude that history shows us, we wanted more than just the mechanisms of offering you the best fresh seafood market online. We wanted to share as much of what we have as we can, including our appreciation, learning, and know-how.

If you’d like to stay in touch, just click here, and we’ll bring some ideas to your attention as we go along. We hope you’ll become a family we serve with the best fresh seafood market online, the way we began to do face-to-face so long ago down at the Pier.