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Best Online Fresh Lobster Delivery

The Accessible Luxury of Lobster

Long before we decided to be the best online fresh lobster delivery service in the country, we traveled a bit to see what a luxury fresh lobster represents. For people such as us – our parents, aunts, and uncles who worked by the Boston Fish Pier – it was special, yes, to sit down to a dinner of fresh North American lobster. And yet to families in this place, in our line of work, it was special in a way that, say, a pot roast might be in a Midwestern home. Well, that was before we became known as the best online fresh lobster delivery company.

With our Boston Sword & Tuna lobster tank just 20 yards from the North Atlantic, we grew up taking for granted that this is the only true lobster, the spiny North American, and that we just happened to live in the heart of its home territory – the western North Atlantic from Newfoundland to North Carolina. Because fresh lobsters are kept alive until cooking, our ability to consistently provide the best online fresh lobster delivery service is especially important here.

Our appreciation of lobster grew even greater when we began to see how special it was to others, to people who didn’t grow up with a huge seaside lobster tank in the family. So, it is a special pleasure now to be able to offer you what we’ve been fortunate to know all our lives – that thanks to Boston Sword & Tuna’s shellfish and online fresh fish delivery, fresh lobster can be part of your life at home whenever you like.

The Viewpoint of a Visitor

In coming to understand the specialness of fresh lobster, it helped to see how much the visitors to Massachusetts and Maine appreciate it when they come to our shores. The looks of delight on the faces of people as they don bibs and prepare to see this strange looking sea creature brought to their table tells us a lot. They also told us that they wanted the best online fresh lobster delivery possible, which means getting your lobster to you overnight.

Instructive, too, is to watch a seasoned waiter or waitress show the visitors how to eat a lobster without missing a thing.  It’s a skill we grew up with, but a skill nevertheless, and so we thought it might be a good idea to offer a little tutorial – or maybe a refresher course – here.

Unveiling That Luscious Lobster

When your lobster emerges from the boiling pot a deep red-orange, just set it face down, grasp the tail in one hand and the body in the other – and twist them in opposite directions. With the tail and body separated, turn the tail over on its side and press down to crack the shell on top lengthwise. Then it’s easy to separate the shell down its open seam, using the crack you made as a hinge, and opening it like a book. Using a small knife slide down the length of the back of the tail, the red side, and you can remove the vein if you wish. There’s the tail, all in one piece.

Next, twist the claws and elbows to remove them from the body, and then twist the elbows away from the claws. On both sides of both elbows, there’s a delicious bite of lobster you can push from the shell with the handle of your fork.

Now for the claws. Flex the little hinged part of the claw and pull it off. If there’s meat in the small part, then you can poke it out with a tine of your fork. Now you can crack the large part of the claw across its length, using a lobster cracker, a chef’s knife, or even a mallet, and pull out that particularly inviting, sculptured piece of meat.

The legs, although small, usually have a nice bite of lobster inside each one. Just twist them off and use a rolling pin to flatten them from the closed toward the open end, and see that bite emerge.

Lobster Legends

It might be just the image of luxury that lobster enjoys, but for whatever reason it’s an old tale that lobster has aphrodisiac qualities, that it’s one of the foods of love. In fact, the ancient Greeks believed as much, but then they thought all seafood was an aphrodisiac because their goddess of love, Aphrodite, was the daughter of Poseidon, and came from the sea. As much as they wanted fresh lobster, there was no such thing back then as the best online fresh lobster delivery service, so they had to settle for what was available.

There is some justification for this image in nutrition, because lobster is a good source of low-fat protein and it’s rich in zinc and vitamin B-12, considered by many a “super food.” But aside from legend and nutritional value, we think the power of lobster in love is its power to pamper, to show special consideration – and maybe to persuade.

Sustainability and Offering the Best Online Fresh Lobster Delivery

Of all the reasons lobster is seen as a luxury, being rare isn’t one of them.  In fact, over the past 20 years the catch, or “landings” of Maine lobsters have tripled, and Maine lobster is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. (This MSC certification is the gold standard of sustainability, as we found when we worked to achieve it for North Atlantic swordfish.) If we are going to earn your trust as the best online fresh lobster delivery service, then sustainability has to be part of what we offer you.

Minimum and maximum size limits, the return to the ocean of egg-bearing females, and even biodegradable escape panels that enable lobsters to escape from traps that are lost at sea, these are just a few examples of the care that’s been exercised to make sure lobsters are there for all of us to enjoy.  And now that Boston Sword & Tuna is geared up to provide your gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online, fresh lobster is finally within reach of us all.

Give us a chance to share the joy of serving fresh lobster in your home. Just click this link and be in touch with the best fresh seafood market online. We hope you’ll agree that we offer the best online fresh lobster delivery.