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Current Fresh Swordfish Supply

A BST signature product, our fresh swordfish comes from our own longline fishing vessels, as well as from some of the best fishermen in the North Atlantic swordfish fleet, which fishes from the Gulf of Mexico to the Grand Banks off Newfoundland, depending on the time of year.Fresh Swordfish

Fresh Swordfish Quest

As mentioned last week, the warm summer weather marks the annual fresh swordfish quest back to the North East to feed. Therefore, the Iron Maiden and the Iron Lady will be fishing both Georges Bank and the Grand Banks. We expect a solid catch of fresh swordfish out of both vessels to initiate the season in local and Canadian waters.

This time of year starts to bring in some of the best quality fresh swordfish we see annually while fishing these Northeast coast waters. The fish are beautiful, healthy fish and come to us as fresh as it gets. Tight, bright red bloodlines are a token to their quality.

Michael J. Scola

While earning his degree in business, Michael spent summers and winters working the floor at Boston Sword & Tuna and learning the seafood business from the ground up. As a fifth-generation fishmonger and handled different species, lumped sword and tuna, sorted through vats of haddock and cod, broke down salmon cases, graded the fish, and more. During this time, Mike was a veritable sea sponge, learning from the most-experienced seafood professionals in the game while acquiring the tools needed to be successful in this gritty industry.