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Salmon: A Splendid Fish for Nutrition, Flavor, and Joy

Salmon: A Splendid Fish for Nutrition, Flavor, and Joy

Beautifully Balanced

As the American taste for seafood grew beyond the coasts – a more recent development than you might imagine – salmon swam to the lead. Although Americans on average are still only eating about half as much fish as U.S. dietary guidelines suggest, salmon is a leader in our progress toward that as a nation. It’s interesting to consider why.

Thankfully, the bounty of the seas includes a great deal of variety, and so there’s no reason to say things like “best,” because enjoying that variety is part of the fun and one of the reasons we provide shellfish and online fresh fish delivery. Maybe instead a better idea about salmon is how beautifully balanced it is in its appeal.

Brains, Beauty, and Grace

To begin with, salmon is a very smart choice from a dietary view. It’s been linked to reducing the risk of heart disease, helping to fight inflammation, and assisting weight control in several ways. Rich in Omega-3 for an antioxidant boost, salmon can be a powerful fighter of age and inflammation, and Omega-3 is considered essential to good nutrition because the body doesn’t make its own. Salmon is a rich source of high-quality protein to maintain bone and muscle health. It provides all kinds of B vitamins, from B1 to B12, that help the body convert food to energy. And it’s a great source of zinc, our ally against the common cold, especially welcome in wintertime.

So the smart reasons to choose salmon are very smart indeed.

The appearance of salmon is unusually beautiful and appealing, too. Depending on their own diet, fresh salmon range from a pale pinkish-orange to white. Salmon steaks have rivers of the pink side of this color, and then turn white while searing or grilling, while other ways of preparing salmon keep that appealing color. (By the way, one of the coolest tips we’ve heard about knowing when salmon is “done” when you’re cooking it is, “if you think it’s almost done, it’s done.”)

And speaking of cooking, that’s the graceful part of salmon, how it gets along beautifully with all kinds of different recipes and preparation – including, as sushi lovers will testify, no cooking at all.

Wild or Civilized

In the wild, salmon have their family life, or “spawn,” in freshwater rivers, and they find their way back pretty near to their own birthplace when it’s time for them to carry on that cycle. But in the meantime, they spend their working lives “on the road” downstream, traveling the seas in search of food. Our favorite North Atlantic salmon ranges from Greenland, along the coasts of Labrador and Newfoundland, and down to Maine and Massachusetts.

As part of ensuring the sustainability of this important fish, Boston Sword & Tuna has cultivated relationships over the years with Norwegian sources who “farm” them. We’re starting to prefer the word “shepherding” for this process because the Norwegians have done a great deal over the past 30-plus years to replicate the lifecycle the salmon would have if they were still in the wild. Today, Atlantic salmon is one of the most important and successful farmed species of fish, thanks to this attentive care. As a result, we can confidently mark salmon a “Best Choice” in the sustainability rating system you’ll find when you order gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online from our website.

We’re always working to find the best catch, as your best fresh seafood market online, and to assure that catch is sustainable. We want to become your sea-to-home online fish market.

Michael J. Scola

While earning his degree in business, Michael spent summers and winters working the floor at Boston Sword & Tuna and learning the seafood business from the ground up. As a fifth-generation fishmonger and handled different species, lumped sword and tuna, sorted through vats of haddock and cod, broke down salmon cases, graded the fish, and more. During this time, Mike was a veritable sea sponge, learning from the most-experienced seafood professionals in the game while acquiring the tools needed to be successful in this gritty industry.