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Boston on the Pacific: Ahi and Yellowfin Tuna

Boston on the Pacific

Bluefin or Yellowfin?

How America’s Favorite Fish Spends Its Summer Vacation


Where is Tuna This Summer?

Sesame-Crusted Tuna with Wasabi Cream Sauce


A Little Punch Goes a Long Way

Wholesale Tuna for All That Want the Best Fish

A BST signature product, our fresh wholesale tuna supply is the answer to all your tuna wholesale demands. Our longline fishing vessels – the Iron Maiden and the Iron Lady – catch both yellowfin and bigeye wholesale tuna. Like our swordfish, our wholesale tuna are immediately bled and iced, ensuring they retain their peak freshness; and our buyer’s maintain relationships with the best domestic and foreign suppliers in the business.Wholesale Tuna

Wholesale Tuna Made Fresh & Convenient

Boston Sword & Tuna is a wholesale shipper throughout the continental United States on a daily basis. We are deeply committed to delivering our customers the freshest seafood available, and that includes accommodated shipping. BST is dedicated to developing consistent and personalized shipping plans based on each individual customers preference. We offer convenient cut and pack to order options which allows us to deliver our products in whatever broken down quantities and arrangements our customers prefer.

As wholesale seafood specialists, we thrive on high volume orders and maintaining strong costumer relationships. Boston Sword & Tuna is one of the nations premier seafood suppliers, and with wholesale tuna as one of our staple products we ensure our ability to customize orders, from H&G to loins, sushi grade to grilling grade.

Fresh Tuna Supply in the Summer

As on of our staple products, BST tuna is guaranteed top shelf quality with various prices available to meet all of our customers demands. Typically, we carry both yellowfin and bigeye fresh tuna. Our buyer’s maintain relationships with the best domestic and foreign suppliers in the business, including our own fishing vessels.Fresh Tuna

Fresh Tuna in the Summer

Fresh tuna fishing in the western North Atlantic is best in the summer, when the fresh tuna fish are actively feeding and the oil content is highest. In addition to sourcing from our own boats, we purchase tuna from fishermen all over the world throughout the year, including places like Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

BST customers can rely on us for having the fresh, beautiful, #1 grade fresh tuna their sushi customers crave. Although we reel in and purchase some of the best quality #1 grade tuna on the market, we also pride ourselves on our excellent supply of 2+, 2G, and #2 grade tuna that cooks incredibly. 

Don't miss out on some fresh, local-caught tuna during this last stretch of summer!

Fresh Swordfish & Tuna in Boston - The Iron Lady Returns Home

The Iron Lady returned home to the Boston Waterfront Thursday, October 25, with approximately 30,000 pounds of fresh swordfish and tuna. She was gone for sixteen days, dock-to-dock, making twelve longline sets in the deep waters offshore the canyons south of Nantucket.

Fresh SwordfishFresh Swordfish & Tuna Catch 

The 30,000 pound catch consists of a fairly even split between fresh swordfish and tuna. The majority of tuna reeled-in were yellowfin, with about 20% of them being large, high-value bigeye tuna. Like our swordfish, our tuna are immediately bled and iced, ensuring that they retain their peak freshness. 

Fresh swordfish are available year round, but catches typically reach their climax in the fall when landings are still solid on the East Coast, and the California fishery – which runs from August to January – is in full swing. Each year at this time of the season both species are storing fat. In addition, they are both prolific and reside relatively close to shore. These conditions translate into some of the best quality and lowest priced swordfish and tuna of the year. 

Sword and tuna prices are generally at their annual low point in the fall due to the transition period between summer and the holidays. Wholesale prices for headed and gutted fresh swordfish are under $5 per pound; while tuna prices range from $6 to $9 per pound, depending on the grade. The Iron Lady is returning to sea tomorrow, October 29, to fish in the same general area as it just returned from off the south shores of Nantucket.