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What You Get Before Dawn

What You Get Before Dawn

Our Life on the Docks

Starting the job at dawn every morning makes a difference. It either takes its toll on your sleep or your nightlife. Your choice. But after five generations of getting down to the docks before dawn, you get the hang of it.

One thing that makes it worthwhile is getting your choice of the very best. That’s because the freshest, most flavorful fish that those cold North Atlantic fishermen could find arrive at the Boston Fish Pier at the crack of dawn, too, so we’ve got to be there – it’s just our way. The knowhow we gleaned from four decades trolling Boston’s docks are now used to select the finest seafood from sustainable sources around the world.

As our family grew, so did our business, and nearly 40 years ago the Scola family began making Boston Sword & Tuna the one-stop seafood source we are today. Immigrating from Sicily meant bringing along with them what they knew, and that was seafood.

From the docks of Sicily to the docks of Boston, BST started as a small company selling haddock from a work bench down the Pier, and eventually got a small facility. The idea was so successful that we moved down the road from the Pier to double our facility, and we’ve continued opening more doors to the world beyond.

How to Know When You Know

When we started more than five decades ago, we did this work to supply a few of Boston’s better restaurants and hotels, and eventually grew to supply major supermarkets. Now that airplanes and computers look like they’re here to stay, we thought it would be a good idea to offer the same quality to you as a sea to home online fish market, with speedy delivery right to your door. We want the entire country to experience and have access to the truly fresh, highest quality seafood that we enjoy here in New England.

We’re calling on the experience of our diverse team – from former fishermen to a five-star chef – to make the world of fresh, delicious seafood easier for you to explore and enjoy at home. We intend to become the best fresh seafood market online.

Healthy Seas, Healthy Families, and Healthy Lives

As you stroll our website, you’ll find we’re focused on sustainability in seafood. Our own family’s history and prosperity have depended on healthy seas and abundant life in the ocean. So, we helped found Sustainable Seafood LLC. One accomplishment from that effort was to help get the U.S. North Atlantic longline swordfish fishery certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. Certification acknowledges responsible fishing practices, and progress in protecting the supply of this great migratory fish.

We make it easy for you to assess for yourself the sustainability of your seafood selection on our site, too. Each kind of seafood we offer is flagged for its viability with “Best Choice,” “Good Alternatives,” and “Avoid” icons that reveal to what extent these fish are thriving and whether responsible fishing practices are being applied when you decide to get fresh fish overnight to your door.

Getting Acquainted Now

As reliable, expert seafood wholesalers, Boston Sword & Tuna will offer you what we know, now that we can offer gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online. That includes wise sourcing, seasonal selections, and even recipes to make it easy for you to become the seafood expert in your family and your own circle of friends. We’ll even offer up our favorite wine pairings now and then. We look forward to becoming your one-stop shop for seafood.

Michael J. Scola

While earning his degree in business, Michael spent summers and winters working the floor at Boston Sword & Tuna and learning the seafood business from the ground up. As a fifth-generation fishmonger and handled different species, lumped sword and tuna, sorted through vats of haddock and cod, broke down salmon cases, graded the fish, and more. During this time, Mike was a veritable sea sponge, learning from the most-experienced seafood professionals in the game while acquiring the tools needed to be successful in this gritty industry.