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Wholesale Scallops Ready from Nantucket Bay

It's almost that time of year again for wholesale scallops lovers; the annual Nantucket Bay scallop season will officially commence on November 1st. As the colder weather rolls through the North East, so do these delicious delicacies. Don’t miss out though, for they are only available during a very brief timeframe on a limited supply!Wholesale Scallops

Wholesale Scallops are Best From Nantucket

Considered the sweetest, most tender wholesale scallops on the market, Cape and Nantucket Bay scallops are favored across the globe. Cape and Nantucket Bay scallops possess very high levels of glycogen (sugar) content that set them apart from the rest. Furthermore, they caramelize like no other, making them a chefs favorite.

The native eelgrass surrounding Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard, serves as nursery for these succulent wholesale scallops during their short season. In fact, Cape and Nantucket Bay’s are recognized as the last significant wild scallop population on the East Coast. 

The ratio of supply / demand for Cape and Nantucket Bay scallops is unparalleled. The limited supply and crucial demand of these wholesale scallops make them a more expensive seasonal item, but their phenomenal taste makes them worth every penny.

Michael J. Scola

While earning his degree in business, Michael spent summers and winters working the floor at Boston Sword & Tuna and learning the seafood business from the ground up. As a fifth-generation fishmonger and handled different species, lumped sword and tuna, sorted through vats of haddock and cod, broke down salmon cases, graded the fish, and more. During this time, Mike was a veritable sea sponge, learning from the most-experienced seafood professionals in the game while acquiring the tools needed to be successful in this gritty industry.