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Fish of Every Shape and Color Imaginable

A whole studio of Disney artists couldn’t imagine or draw such an extravagant variety of unlikely shapes and vivid colors as we encounter in the fishing life, when we turn to our selection of specialty fish. Homely monkfish, graceful marlin, menacing mako, and many more present a gallery of faces and forms and hues that would dazzle even the most intrepid cartoonist.

Sometimes for entertaining special guests, or to liven up the family dinner, our customers call on Boston Sword & Tuna to deliver fresh to their kitchen a wahoo, an escolar, or a monchong. For specialty fish, we take pleasure in reaching far afield, beyond the Northwest Atlantic, to relationships we cultivated abroad, in exotic seas.

Hawaii Calls

We New Englanders do like to travel, especially to warmer climates. And even though we’re criticized occasionally for not looking completely at home in shorts, the sources we have uncovered, as part of becoming your sea-to-home online fish market, are now as familiar and trustworthy as the ones nearby. Hawaii is one example.

As your best fresh seafood market online, it’s from the Pacific waters off the Hawaiian Islands that we fly hebi, opah, tombo, uku, and wahoo, to name some names that might be unfamiliar. Hebi is a kind of short-billed swordfish, like a marlin with a shorter nose, a straighter spine, and a longer, shorter dorsal fin. It has a mild, straightforward flavor, and it is often grilled, although broiled or sautéed Hebi are also enjoyed.

Opah, or moonfish, has a taste described as a cross between tuna and swordfish. Its appearance has been called comical, “like a startled Frisbee. True, opah looks like a big, round silver serving dish with orange fins. But for those who’ve enjoyed its creamy, rich flavor and firm texture, it is usually invited back.

Tombo, or tombo ahi, is the name Hawaiians gave to albacore tuna. The Honolulu fish auction is good steady source, as tombo, weighing 40 pounds and more are plentiful there, May through September. Uku is a type of Hawaiian blue-green snapper. Sautéed, poached, broiled, baked, or even fried, uku is a superb table fish with a rewarding flavor and texture.

Wahoo does sound like a celebration, yes, and with good cause. First off, it’s tropical, so you have to go to a nice, warm place to find it. And it’s fast, a prized gamefish, so landing one is cause for celebration in itself. Our Hawaiian friends call it “ono,” and that literally means “good to eat.” The flavor is mildly sweet, compared sometimes to king mackerel.

Your Trust Source for Seafood

To be your trusted source for shellfish and online fresh fish delivery, we make a point of offering you a change of pace when you want it. Our expert selection of specialty fish, and the relationships we’ve built with the boats and fisheries that can provide it, are another reason you can come to Boston Sword & Tuna with confidence for gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online.

Michael J. Scola

While earning his degree in business, Michael spent summers and winters working the floor at Boston Sword & Tuna and learning the seafood business from the ground up. As a fifth-generation fishmonger and handled different species, lumped sword and tuna, sorted through vats of haddock and cod, broke down salmon cases, graded the fish, and more. During this time, Mike was a veritable sea sponge, learning from the most-experienced seafood professionals in the game while acquiring the tools needed to be successful in this gritty industry.