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Mike Scola

Michael Scola, CEO

Michael is the CEO of Boston Sword & Tuna, as well as one of two original co-founders of the company. As CEO of BST, Michael is intimately involved in all aspects of operations, and has led the company through a series of expansions that have made BST an industry leader. "We place a high value on all our employees, and that translates into a place our customers are amazed by when they visit," he asserts. "Our floor team is highly trained and highly educated, while our sales team spends as much time on the floor as they do in the office, so even our customers feel like part the BST team!" Michael has helped assemble a group of diverse, experienced seafood professionals that are the very best in the business, and that has proven itself true year after year. 



Larry Dore, President

Larry joined BST in 2012 after spending nearly 30 years working his way up from bookkeeper, to sales, to general manager at one of Boston’s leading seafood distributors, Globe. So why did Larry join Boston Sword & Tuna? “I’ve been very impressed as to how the business is run and how aggressively BST has built their business. I couldn’t wait to be a part of this success story.” Larry is well respected in the New England seafood industry, and his knowledge of the fillet business made our 2012 expansion feel natural. At BST, Larry not only serves as a partner and President, but also manages our groundfish division. He has played a critical role in our continued success.



Paul Scola, Vice President

Paul Scola was the fourth generation of the Scola family to enter the fishing and seafood industry. Paul, the oldest of the Scola brothers, was the first of the brothers to work at R&P Seafood, starting in 1986. Paul now helps run BST, overseeing operations. He also helps manage our groundfish divison. "When we started BST, we insisted on becoming a vertically integrated fishing operation, only then can we get the best possible product to our customers."



Bobby Blaikie

Robert Blaikie, General Manager

Bobby started working on the Boston Fish Pier when he was in high school – and since then has acquired 30+ years of experience in the business. He joined Boston Sword & Tuna in 2006 and has been a driving force in our overall success. Bobby is in charge of the day-to-day operations for our company, and oversees all daily activity. He manages the entire plant from our sales team to our division managers. Bobby played a major role in growing our salmon business from nothing to over four million pounds a year.


Mike Machado

Mike Machado, Lead Buyer – Sword, Tuna, Pelagics

A third generation fishermen, Mike was on the water at age 14 pulling lobster traps. Next, he went gillnetting, scalloping and longlining for sword and tuna. After 15 years on the water, Mike joined Boston Sword & Tuna when the company was started in 2003. As a former fisherman, Mike likes working in a company that buys direct from fishermen. “It’s a lot more fun in this business when you’re a direct source and get to work closely with fishermen. That’s the only way you can make sure you’re getting the best pricing and quality,” he says. Mike's experience has also instilled a strong conservation ethic. “I believe in giving back to the industry through conservation and education. That’s what’s important.” Mike ensures our house stays filled with product day in and day out by working 24 hours a day in contact with multiple time zones.


Michael J. Scola, Sales & Marketing Director

Michael started at BST when he was 15 years old, working summers and learning the business from the ground up. After earning his business degree, he then acquired his marketing experience working jobs in account management and social media marketing. Since re-joining BST, Michael is responsible for driving sales growth and new business through strategic marketing and branding. He founded / manages our Virgin Islands Division, and manages sales accounts around the country. "Growing up on the Boston Fish Pier provides a unique insight on not only the seafood industry, but the hustle and competitiveness of business in general," he says. "My experiences enabled me to learn from the best and vision new possibilites for our company as we explode into the future. Buy from us online and support the BST brand!" Michael founded, built, and manages our eCommerce store and BST retail brand. 

Paul Scola

Paul J. Scola, Lead Buyer – Shellfish / Sales Representative

Paul grew up in the seafood business spending most of his summers working down the Fish Pier alongside his family. He has been involved in every aspect of the business and has learned the ins-and-outs of seafood by spending time in each department and gaining valuable knowledge in each one. After graduating from Arizona State University in 2011, Paul joined the BST team full time and is involved in daily operations. He is our lead shellfish buyer and is currently growing this division to new levels. Paul is also a sales representative, happy to take your call anytime. 

Chris Marchese

Chris Marchese, COO / Lead Buyer – Salmon

Chris manages our salmon division and all day-to-day operations. He joined BST in 2011, after stints in both the restaurant and supermarket industries. Since then, he has helped extend our salmon sales to over ten million pounds per year. “Boston Sword & Tuna has a fabulous work atmosphere with an amazing staff starting from the top with the owners. They treat everybody great!” Chris takes considerable pride in the quality of the salmon he produces. “We only buy true D-trim fish that comes from a company that takes great pride in their product – just like us.” Chris is involved in day-to-day operations on the floor ensuring everything is running smoothly. He has contributed a great deal to Boston Sword & Tuna's success with his hard work ethic.

Dave Hopkins

Dave Hopkins, Logistics Manager

Dave started working in the seafood business when he was still in high school and working his way through college. As our shipping and logistics manager, he’s responsible for making sure you get your seafood on time, every time. Since he joined Boston Sword & Tuna in 2004, he’s helped us grow to become one of the most recognized – and respected – names on the Boston waterfront. “It’s a cliché, but it’s all about relationships with customers these days. We know they have many other options, which is why we always put our customers first,” he says. Employees like Dave are an underlying reason why BST will continue to grow into the future.

joe lafrancia

Joe Lanfranchi, New Bus. Dev. Manager / Sales Representitive 

Joe started working for BST in 2008. After a year of working on the floor and learning the products, he was promoted to sales and has grown to become a top salesman at BST. “Because everybody gives 100% here and takes a lot of pride in our product, it makes it easy to sell our product as a salesman. I can tell my customers with confidence that they are always going to get great service and great product.” Joe is all about the hustle, and not only has he brought in some of our top accounts, but manages them day to day. As our New Business Development Manager, he is responsible for converting our marketing leads into sales.

peter safner

Peter Safner, Lead Buyer – Scallops / Sales Representative

As the head of our scallop program, Peter is constantly on the phone and on the docks in search of our premium hard-bottom scallops. He joined the Boston Sword & Tuna team in 2003 with a combined 25 years experience in the seafood industry to manage our scallop division, and brought several outstanding sales accounts to the table. As a former five star chef, Peter says he has learned a lot over the years by listening and observing, along with some trial and error. At Boston Sword & Tuna, he enjoys being given the freedom and responsibility to run his program the way he knows best. 


Paul DiMare, Lead Buyer – Lobsters / Nat. Accounts Manager 

You could say that Paul was born into the seafood business. His family was in the business and Paul owned his own company, DiMare Seafoods, for 20 years. He joined Boston Sword & Tuna in 2010 as our National Accounts Manager and lead lobster buyer, while also managing the entire division. “I’ve been in the lobster business so long it’s kind of inbred. It’s not easily taught and you can’t read a book to learn how to steer the right course. Every day and every year is different. You just have to know who and when to call to get the best quality," he says. Since he joining BST, Paul has come to appreciate our management philosophy where every department head has their own specialty and everybody works together to give our customers a unique experience. “These are the most knowledgeable guys I’ve ever worked with," says Paul.   


Joe Tramonti, Lead Buyer – Wild Salmon / Sales Rep.

Joe is a long time veteran of the seafood business. In fact, he’s one of the few great old schoolers still at the top of his game on the Boston Fish Pier. Joe has been a Boston seafood salesman and buyer for decades of combined experience, making him an invaluable asset to our team. Prior to joining us at BST, Joe worked for another large seafood wholesale company in Boston, but left his career there to pursue further opportunity at the one-stop-shop down the street. At BST, Joe introduced us to a wild salmon line, and is also the lead buyer / manager for that program. Joe is also one of our most experienced sales reps. We couldn’t be more thankful to have him as part of the BST Family.


Melissa Strickland, Lead Buyer – Shrimp / Sales Rep.

Melissa is as solid of a seafood salesperson as you will ever encounter in this business. Having gained her experience on the retail sales end of seafood, and then fine-tuned that experience in wholesale sales while working for another large seafood company in Boston, Melissa has built an outstanding reputation for herself. After working for a company we’ve competed with in years past, Melissa decided to leave and join the ever-evolving team at BST to help us continue to achieve and maintain our goal of being the number one seafood company in the country. At BST, Melissa is not only a top-performing sales rep, but she also is our lead buyer / manager for the shrimp division. Melissa has brought a fresh breath of experience and energy to our team and we are all very thankful to have her by our side.


Chris Duffey, Lead Buyer – Headfish / Sales Representative

Chris is the newest member of the BST Sales Team – and a lifelong seafood guy. From lumping boats in his youth to owning his own seafood company, Chris has been actively involved in the Boston seafood industry and seen it all. Since joining us at Boston Sword & Tuna, Chris is our lead buyer for headfish and manages the division. He is also a sales representative for several accounts.

lew allison

Lew Allinson, Lead Buyer – Frozen / Sales Representative 

Lew is our lead frozen seafood buyer and manages critical sales accounts for Boston Sword & Tuna. He joined us in 2010, after 24 years of working in the seafood industry. “Boston Sword and Tuna is a wonderful company to be associated with. Excellent personnel from top management, sales staff, office staff, to the processing team.”


 Kandy Robson

Kandy Robson, Office Manager

Kandy has been in the seafood industry for over 25 years, and since joining BST has been responsible for keeping the office running smoothly, day in and day out. As a seafood veteran, Kandy knows what separates the good companies from the great ones; “They make you feel like family. They are always looking to better themselves and the industry.” Kandy is 100% dedicated to her job and makes everyone ele's job easier by handling whatever is thrown her way with ease. Kandy is a major asset to Boston Sword & Tuna.


jim sorenson

Jim Sorenson, Credit Manager

Jim has been with us since the start and is responsible for all credit management and accounts receivable. Before joining Boston Sword, Jim worked for nine years in the seafood industry. “What I like best is the crew and staff that enjoy what they are doing… In this business it is all about communication and customer service.”

Steve Scola jr

Steve Scola Jr., Maintenance Manager

Steven had stints working down the fish pier growing up, where he acquired experience with different species. As a musician, Steven has played guitar and been the lead vocalist in bands his entire life. He has written and produced many of his own singles, and even made it out to L.A. in pursuit of a music career. Steven is now in charge of overseeing the physical maintenance and operations of our building, machines and the facility as a whole. 


Larry Dore Jr., Manager – Frozen Production Program

Larry has been with Boston Sword & Tuna for several years working in our prepared foods and frozen divisions. An avid golfer, Larry is said to hang with the best of them on the course; and as your typical Boston sports fan he resembles the grit and grind of your modern-day Boston fish guy. At BST, Larry is in charge of our frozen production program. He keeps things running smoothly in our frozen and prepared foods divisions.

Julie Hanafin

Julie Hanafin, Human Resources

Julie joined us in 2015 and works in human resources. She is responsible for all clerical duties and supports both accounts payable and accounts receivable. Julie's pleasant personality and competent nature helps keep us afloat when we're in over our head.


Edy Palma, Plant Manager

Edy is an original around here, having been with us on the floor since the beginning. Eddy is responsible for keeping our facility in check and managing all plant duties. When you need something done, Eddy is the man for the job. Like we always say, don't call 9-1-1, call Edy!


Hall of Fame

Paul P Scola

Paul P. Scola, Founder – R&P Seafood

Paul Scola Sr. was the third generation of the Scola family to enter the fishing and seafood industry. He started offloading boats at the Boston Fish Pier as soon as he was able to get a work permit at age 15. Summers were spent lumping fish off the whiting boats at the Fish Pier and he kept this up for 15 years. Paul Sr. and Roland Harrington formed the highly regarded R&P Seafoods in 1972 at the Fish Pier and later moved to Seafood Way in 2001. R&P specialized in groundfish only and later merged successfully with Boston Sword & Tuna which now provides the platform for the 4th and 5th generation of Scolas to continue decades of success and commitment to the seafood industry.

Mike Bruen

Michael Bruen (1958-2013)

Michael held the record for longstanding employees R&P Seafood / Shellfish, "lumping" trailer loads of Canadian groundfish in a time when two-wheeled hand-carts and a strong back were the engines of the day. He served in the seafood industry for more than 34 years, and was with Boston Sword & Tuna since the beginning. “We’re a team and we work together, that’s why we’re able to deliver high quality every time. It makes me excited to be a part of this family.” 

On July 18th, 2013, Michael Bruen passed away, but his memory remains close to the company's heart. Though he is no longer with us, he will always remain a part of our team.


Tim Malley

Tim Malley, Retired

Retired in 2015.