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When you consider the journey they make, and how quickly they make it, it’s phenomenal that you can buy fresh tuna fish online so easily from Boston Sword & Tuna. Sure, it’s true that our gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online is accomplished, proven, and backed by five generations of our own family’s commitment. But when it comes to tuna, the more you think about it, the more wonderful it is that you can buy fresh tuna fish online with ease from us.

Have you seen one? An Atlantic Bluefin tuna might be 15 feet long and weigh 1,500 pounds. Bringing one on-board is a job for the daring and dauntless. Our relationships with long-line fishermen in the North Atlantic, built over many years, are among the keys to Boston Sword & Tuna’s ability to assure that the tuna you enjoy is an important part of our shellfish and online fresh fish delivery.

Since the 1950s, long-line fishing techniques have proven to be consistent with the sustainability we support at Boston Sword & Tuna. Long-line is energy-efficient and better in other ways, too, than the purse-seine netting method that was widespread previously. For catching scattered and sparsely populated fish such as tuna, long-line is far more discriminating of what is caught, and in this way it’s more responsible and humane. That’s just the beginning of the story of how you can buy fresh tuna fish online today.

Our North Atlantic fisheries are bringing in their best catch during the summer months, when the tuna are actively feeding and their oil content is high. We purchase locally whenever we can. We also have relationships in the South Pacific, Australia, and South America, though, where their seasons are opposite of ours, to assure you that tuna is consistently a high grade when you buy fresh tuna fish online.

There’s Nothing Bigger in Seafood

Yes, tuna is tied with salmon for No. 2 in the amount that North Americans eat, and shrimp is No. 1. But when you combine the popularity of tuna with the sheer size of the fish itself, you might say there’s nothing bigger in seafood. We enjoy tuna in so many ways on so many occasions. And rightfully so.

The sheer range of ways we enjoy tuna is impressive. Children develop a taste for it early, in its three or four canned forms – solid, chunk, packed in water, packed in oil, and so forth. So, when it’s time to graduate to finer forms of enjoying it, we are all pretty well prepared. Ahi steaks and tuna fillets are easy to prepare and very receptive to recipes from around the world, when you buy fresh tuna fish online from Boston Sword & Tuna.

Though they come from the same species, the two types of tuna you can depend on from Boston Sword & Tuna, your best fresh seafood market online, are Yellowfin and Bigeye. In a restaurant, both might be offered as Ahi, but that is simply the Hawaiian word for tuna, and so it can apply to both types.

Bigeye tuna is named for exactly that – it has big eyes. It also has a typically high oil content, firm texture, and rich flavor, so it is one of the preferred types of tuna for sashimi, when there’s no hiding with other ingredients.

Yellowfin tuna has a sunny dorsal fin from which it gets its name, and it can reach a weight of 400 pounds. Yellowfin is considered the most valuable kind of tuna for its texture and flavor. It is excellent raw, when it is a ruby red color, and delectable cooked, when it becomes white.

Although tuna is well established in our North American diet, science uncovers some additional good reasons to buy fresh tuna fish online. Although large fish like tuna are under scrutiny for accumulating mercury from the environment, study shows that types of tuna vary widely in this, and most all agree that two times a week is not too much tuna to be eating.

The benefits are substantial. Tuna give us healthy doses of omega-3 fatty acids, vital for our metabolism and a natural reducer of inflammation in the body, for comfort, flexibility, and ease of movement. These omega-3s help lower cholesterol in the blood, which is heart-healthy and good for our blood pressure. Tuna is a particularly efficient way to get protein because it is both high in protein and very low in fat, especially when prepared as fillets. Tuna can help strengthen bones with vitamin D, and it delivers potassium for healthy kidneys.

For folks with weight loss on their minds, tuna can be a real friend. High-protein, low-calorie count, and excellent nutritional contributions make it a standby. But let’s not overlook enjoyment. Perhaps the most-important ingredient in weight loss is staying interested in following the path we set before us, and that’s a lot easier when we’re looking forward to delicious meals like the ones we can build around tuna.

Buy Fresh Tuna Fish Online from Boston Sword & Tuna

The thing is, how can a person be sure of always getting the finest tuna available, after we graduate from the can and the casserole? Boston Sword & Tuna works hard and smart to be the best place for you to buy fresh tuna fish online.

For five generations, we’ve been devoted to the life that make us your sea-to-home online fish market. Our great, great grandad came to the Boston Fish Pier from Sicily and began building relationships with the best fishing boats, and earning the trust of the finest restaurants, hotels, and homes in Boston. He built his family and his business side-by-side and we’ve never wavered from his ways.

Now, with a very large facility designed to speed only the best gourmet fresh seafood to you, we’re still just blocks from the Pier – and less than five minutes from the airport. This is our passion as well as our work, and we’re accountable to each other, as well as to you, for doing it at the highest level of quality and service you’ll find anywhere.

So, to buy fresh tuna fish online, just call or click, and let’s begin extending this trust, tradition, and expertise to you and your home.