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We Work Hard to Make it Easy for You

When you work with your own family for five generations to build a fresh seafood company, you are steeped in the knowledge that letting each other down is inconceivable. That’s one reason you can depend on Boston Sword & Tuna to become your own source for the best fresh seafood online – because living up to high standards becomes a way of life. When you start by unloading – or “lumping” – boats in Sicily and carry on with it to America, with a stand on the Boston Fish Pier; when you grow that one-man-one-stand business to a 33,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility just blocks away; and when you continue with 21st Century technology to offer shellfish and online fresh fish delivery anywhere in the U.S., then coming through without fail becomes just what you do. That’s how it went with us.

The reliability we learned with each other, and from each other, is extended to every home and family who trusts us as their own fresh seafood company. You become part of this trust when you choose Boston Sword & Tuna to be your sea to home online fish market.

As our family grew so did our business, and nearly 40 years ago Michael, Paul, and Steven Scola began making Boston Sword & Tuna the one-stop seafood source we are today. The idea was so successful that we moved down the road from the Pier to double our facility, and we’ve continued opening more doors to the world beyond, for gourmet fresh seafood home delivery.

Starting the job at 5:30 every morning makes a difference. After five generations as a fresh seafood company, getting down to the docks before dawn, you get the hang of it, and one thing that makes it worthwhile is getting your choice of the very best. The freshest, most flavorful fish that those cold North Atlantic fishermen could find come to the Boston Fish Pier at 5:30, too, so we’ve got to be there; it’s just our way.

Heritage Meets Destiny

Now we use the same knowhow to select the finest seafood from sustainable sources around the world, which is what is expected of a leading fresh seafood company. We’re calling on the experience of our eclectic team – from former fishermen to a five-star chef – to make the world of fresh, delicious seafood easier for you to explore and enjoy at home.

As a fresh seafood company, our family’s livelihood has always depended on it the sustainability of our oceans and fishing grounds a continuous priority. We make it easy for you to assess for yourself the sustainability of your seafood selection on our website, too. Each kind of seafood we offer is flagged for its viability with “Best Choice,” “Good Alternatives” and “Avoid” icons that reveal to what extent these fish are thriving and whether responsible fishing practices are being applied when you decide to get fresh fish overnight to your door.

Because own family’s history and prosperity has depended on healthy seas and abundant life in the ocean, we helped found Sustainable Seafood LLC. One accomplishment from that effort was to help get the U.S. North Atlantic longline swordfish fishery certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. Certification acknowledges responsible fishing practices, and progress in protecting the supply of this great migratory fish. We believe that a fresh seafood company that’s paying attention should do no less.

A Fresh Seafood Company Like None Other

As reliable, expert seafood wholesalers, Boston Sword & Tuna will offer you what we know, now that we are a fresh seafood company online too. That includes wise sourcing, seasonal selections, and even recipes to make it easy for you to become the seafood expert in your family and your own circle of friends.

Two vital qualities we’ve developed at Boston Sword & Tuna, now that we are offering our expertise online, are the way we prepare and portion your order and the way we ship it.

Certainly, bringing fresh seafood to your door overnight calls for having it show up beautifully, because, with seafood, the looks have a lot to do with the quality. We built our ability to prepare and portion your fresh catch long before we decided to become your best fresh seafood market online. The learning curve was already far behind us. In the process of becoming the trusted source for a host of world-class restaurants, Boston Sword & Tuna made a major investment in the instruments and know-how that can portion gourmet seafood precisely, then wrap, seal, and box it to hold a steady cold temperature until it arrives in your home.

Experienced hands and eyes select and prepare your catch. And then we found that under our direction the final portioning and packaging are done best by a series of several machines.

Portioning is done to a standard higher than any home, because our initial skill in it had to measure up to the demands of chefs and restaurants whose success depends on the slimmest of margins, with no room for error. Unequal or wasted portions resulting from hand-cut measurements were simply not good enough. Restaurants, too, were interested in receiving their catch with no further care called for before cooking.

As a result, the consistently precise portions we send you are part of the quality you can expect from our gourmet fresh seafood delivery online. Your portioned, sealed servings are protected on their trays by constant-temperature packaging, quilted aluminum sleeves and envelopes surrounded with a sturdy box and sent to you on wings from a FedEx terminal and an airport that are five minutes away from our doors.

Ice packs, quilted aluminum sleeves and wrappers, sturdy, temperature-stabilizing boxes are all arranged in sequence at the Boston Sword & Tuna facility. So, the pieces come together quickly after our precise proportioning and packaging operation places each serving in its own sealed tray with a kind of absorbent napkin under it.

It’s a human workplace, not a factory, yet we set it up so our team can pay attention to each portion of your fresh seafood and know that the rest is right where they’ll need it. As a result, every portion is beautifully “ready for its close-up” when you unpack it at home.

Of course, a big part of being your preferred fresh seafood company is making it easy for you to complete your order and making sure we react to it instantly. Toward that end, our online shopping experience is fine-tuned continually.

As a result, you can be enjoying gourmet fresh seafood that was brought to the Boston Fish Pier just the day before. If you’ve not tasted it before, you may not believe what a difference this kind of freshness can make.

To live up to your highest expectations and desires and be your trusted source for gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online, we’re using our five generations of experience at Boston Sword & Tuna, to become the fresh seafood company you turn to every time.