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About Boston Sword & Tuna

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 Boston Sword & Tuna is a hands-on company built by people who
learned the fish business from the ground up. 

scallops_2_packing.jpgTwo giants in the seafood industry – Tim Malley and the Scola brothers – officially merged into Boston Sword & Tuna at 8 Seafood Way in Boston on March 23, 2006.

Our no compromise from-the-boat-to-you approach ensures our customers  the freshest seafood on the market. Vast knowledge and experience in the seafood industry has enabled Boston Sword & Tuna to establish itself as one of the nation’s premier seafood distributors.

Michael Scola (President)and his brothers Paul and Stephen (Vice Presidents) are the fourth generation of the Scola family in the seafood industry. Prior to merging their two companies in 2006, the Scola brothers owned R&P Seafood / Shellfish on the old Boston Fish Pier. The family began offloading fishing boats from the docks of Sicily before moving to Boston.The Boston Sword & Tuna Difference

Tim Malley (CEO) skippered a high seas longliner for 15 years, chasing swordfish and tuna from the Gulf of Mexico to the Grand Banks off Newfoundland. Furthermore, our Sales Manager, Mike Machado, fished the Grand Banks for 10 years before dropping anchor with us at BST. The BST Difference Our knowledge of fish – and fishermen – is what enables Boston Sword & Tuna to consistently deliver the best quality seafood.

We own two longlinge fishing vessels that allow us to bring our fish directly from the water to our customers. In addition to owning our own longliners, we buy fish from fishermen who pride themselves on making the extra effort to handle their fish with the utmost care. Knowing which boats to buy from – and which boats not to buy from – is why Boston Sword & Tuna has quickly grown to become one of the largest suppliers of seafood in the U.S.

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