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Boston Sword & Tuna offers gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online.

Gourmet Fresh Seafood Home Delivery Online

We Set the Bar Pretty High

Whether newbies or old hands, their goal is the same: providing you gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online.

At Boston Sword & Tuna, the bar is pretty high for experience, what with family and generations at stake. When we do bring on a newbie, they’ve got some kind of experience that’s closely related, or at least strong bloodlines into the business. A former fisherman and a five-star chef are two examples. You don’t have to grow up in the business, but it helps.

When it comes to customers for our gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online, though, we don’t know who’s luckier, the people who already knew a lot about seafood or the people who are still exploring it.

Both find a pretty good reason to stay with it when they buy for home delivery from us. If you know your stuff about seafood, whether salmon, cod, haddock, and the many other varieties we offer, then you’ll see – and taste – that you’re in the right hands right away. On the other hand, if you grew up outside the smell of salt water you’re going to find that you can trust us to handle your gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online without a doubt.

How to Know When You Know

Somebody smart pointed out one time that the difference between an expert and an amateur is the amount of detail they see. That’s the kind of thing that probably had to be pointed out to us, because we were always in the middle of seafood and so was practically everybody we know – our family anyway.

But if details are a sign of knowing your stuff, then let us share a few with you here in hopes of becoming – and staying – the people you trust for gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online.

Let’s Start with the Ones We’re Named After

We grew beyond swordfish and tuna long ago to become the one-stop shop for our restaurant and store customers. The skills and facilities we built were a pretty good fit for more types of fish. You might say this is where we perfected our chops for becoming your source for gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online. But if we were really going to offer gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online, the types and varieties of fresh seafood and shellfish had to cover the widest spectrum you’d want. But let’s just start here with swordfish and tuna.

Our Old Friend the Swordfish

We know a guy who grew up in cow country, and his first favorite fish was swordfish. The firm texture and straightforward flavor makes a pretty good set of training wheels for anybody who’s branching out to seafood. On the other hand, those same qualities reward the knowledgeable seafood lover, and offer an unusually compatible palate for recipes ranging from simply marinated swordfish steaks to glazed, stuffed, topped, or even bruschetta versions that would keep anybody interested.

In the U.S., swordfish are caught from Maine to Louisiana, usually with baited hooks branching out from long lines. They’re big fish, and they kind we offer are rated a "Best Choice" by Seafood Watch. Commercial catches commonly weigh from 50 to 400 pounds, although a one-ton swordfish is not what you’d call rare. Long-line catching makes better use of the fishing boat’s time to get the catch home faster, and it brings a more relaxed fish to the deck for better texture. Cooler waters are good for swordfish flavor, so our home grounds in the North Atlantic and Canadian waters are fruitful.

Tuna, a Fish That’s Welcome Anywhere

Many folks grow up eating tuna, and the way that relationship develops further is in how many different ways we enjoy it as we go along. Maybe the ultimate appreciation of tuna – and the greatest endorsement of its quality – is when people decide to enjoy it raw, when the finest selected catch appears ruby red.

Most of the tuna we see in the eastern U.S. is yellowfin or bigeye. Both are delicious. Yellowfin carries the distinction of being the most valuable fresh tuna catch, with the beautiful creatures topping out at 400 pounds, but usually ranging from 20 to 120. Yellowfin is often preferred for sashimi and sushi, because it is firm and mild, but flavorful.

Bigeye tuna has a higher oil content, and with that comes exceptional value for nutrition. Both types thrive in warm and temperate waters, and are found around the world, although the population is particularly plentiful in the Pacific.

Sustainable and humane fishing practices are vital for being your source for gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online, and our sources for tuna are always selected with this in mind.

Providing Gourmet Fresh Seafood Home Delivery Online

Boston Sword & Tuna has this same love and knowhow for a host of other kinds of seafood and shellfish for gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online. Halibut and cod, snapper, grouper, mahi mahi, monkfish, striped bass, oysters, scallops and live lobsters – the bounty is almost unbelievable. We’re grateful to be the ones who can get it to your home fresh and fast from your order online. We just couldn’t put them all in our name.

If you’d like to stay in touch, then just join our online family by clicking this link, and we’ll bring some ideas to your attention as we go along. We hope you’ll become a family we serve with gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online, the way we began to do face-to-face four generations ago down at the Boston Fish Pier. We’re looking forward to getting acquainted.