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Order and Buy Fresh Fish and Seafood Online

Like the Friendly Fish Market on Your Way Home

A friend was working in New York City once upon a time. He was single and busy at work, and he lived alone. Part of him was still in Baltimore, where he’d grown up sitting down to the catch of the day on the table at home. Between the NYC subway and his apartment, he’d pass a little fish store. Just wide enough for a store front and a counter where you could see today’s catch on a bed of crushed ice.

Dazed sometimes from a long day in the madness of Madison Avenue, my friend would step into the shop and just ask, “Whataya got today?” The combination of a frank assessment, friendly advice, and a simple suggestion or two on how to prepare it, sent him home with more than dinner. The contrast with the world outside could not have been clearer. He was brought back to earth in a way, and maybe just a little closer to home.

At Boston Sword & Tuna, we’ve got some idea of what it can mean to our customers to have a place where they can feel a little like that when they order and buy fresh fish and seafood online. Even though it’s been our life for five generations, the culture that surrounds seafood is not just background music to us. Our great, great, great grandfather brought it with him from Sicily when he set up shop on the Boston Fish Pier. He didn’t arrive with much, but he surely brought that.

So, for generations, as we built knowledge and relationships and experience – and capacity and facilities – we built that culture into our hard work every day. It’s a culture of respect. For the life of the sea that sustains us. For each other. For the customers who entrust us with their family’s meal. Living up to that culture is uncompromising, and it has been the foundation and fuel of success for our own family for more than 50 years.

When you order and buy fresh fish and seafood online from Boston Sword & Tuna, it is always our aim to use today’s technology, but not to let it get in the way.

Getting the Best of the Digital Age Without the Rest

Above all, we knew we couldn’t compromise on our commitment to healthy seas and responsible fishing when we made it possible to order and buy fresh fish and seafood online. As you peruse our website, you’ll find we’re focused on seafood sustainability. Because our own family’s history and prosperity has depended on the abundant life in the ocean, we helped found Sustainable Seafood LLC. One accomplishment from that effort was to help get the U.S. North Atlantic longline swordfish fishery certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, called the “gold standard” for responsible fishing practices. We just see it as progress in protecting the supply of this great migratory fish, for your shellfish and online fresh fish delivery from Boston Sword & Tuna.

We make it easy for you to assess for yourself the sustainability of your seafood selection on our website, too. Each kind of seafood we offer is flagged for its viability with “Best Choice,” “Good Alternatives,” and “Avoid” icons that reveal to what extent these fish are thriving and whether responsible fishing practices are being applied when you decide to get fresh fish sent overnight to your door.

Naturally, the size and capacity of our facilities had to be powerful, to support your ability to order and buy fresh fish and seafood online. Fortunately, Boston Sword & Tuna had met that challenge years before.

How to Order and Buy Fresh Fish and Seafood Online

When you work with your own family for five generations to build a fresh seafood company, you are steeped in the knowledge that letting each other down is inconceivable. When you start by unloading – or “lumping” – boats in Sicily and carry on with it to America, with a stand on the Boston Fish Pier; when you grow that one-man-one-stand business to a 33,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility just blocks away; and when you continue with 21st Century technology to make it possible for people to order and buy fresh fish and seafood online anywhere in the U.S., then coming through without fail becomes just what you do.

To grow the good that began there on the Boston Fish Pier a half century ago, our family was called on time after time to adapt to a widening world. In our particular line of work, we figured we had to do that without compromising on what made us a trusted source to begin with. Today, this means we call on the experience of our eclectic team – from former fishermen to a five-star chef – to make the world of fresh, delicious seafood easier for you to explore and enjoy at home, by taking the best advantage of what the digital age now offers us. We set out to become the best fresh seafood market online.

You could just about throw a rock from our 33,000-square-foot facility to the Pier where it all began. We designed it for an efficient human work flow, because human eyes and hands – and the experience behind them – are essential to enabling you to order and buy fresh fish and seafood online with the same confidence our customers have always enjoyed.

So experienced hands and eyes select and prepare your catch. And then we found that under our direction the final portioning and packaging are done best by a series of several machines. Portioning is done to a standard higher than any home, because our initial skill in it had to measure up to the demands of chefs and restaurants whose success depends on the slimmest of margins, with no room for error.

Packaging and shipping became part of the art when we made ready for you to order and buy fresh fish and seafood online Ice packs, quilted aluminum sleeves and wrappers, sturdy, temperature-stabilizing boxes are all arranged in sequence at our facility. So, the pieces come together quickly after our precise proportioning and packaging operation places each serving in its own sealed tray with a kind of absorbent napkin under it.

We have worry-free Priority Overnight status with FedEx – and their shipping center is less than a mile away. We make sure that Boston Sword & Tuna is a top -tier client of theirs. Still, they always know we have a Plan B standing by. It’s part of our heritage – family and Boston – to know how to balance friendly dealings with clear and demanding standards. Something so important has to be constant and still never assumed when you’re the trusted sea to home online fish market.

This is just part of what it took for Boston Sword & Tuna to become the place where you can order and buy fresh fish and seafood online, and still trust that feeling of being closer to life, and closer to home.

To be your trusted source for gourmet fresh seafood home delivery online, we’re using our five generations of experience at Boston Sword & Tuna to live up to your highest expectations and desires. We are here to become your trusted place to order and buy fresh fish and seafood online.