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Tray Packing Boston Sword and Tuna
At Boston Sword & Tuna, we are constantly striving to expand our company in order to greater serve the needs of our customers.

TTray packing line boston sword andt unahe Tray Packing Division is the newest wing of our enterprise. Here we cut, season, and pack trays of fresh fish ready for sale directly to the consumer.

Perfect for supermarkets or restaurant supply, our skilled team seasons the finest quality seafood exactly to our customers' specifications. You bring the recipe, we do the rest! 

Tray packing 2 boston sword and tunaWe take pride in using only top quality fish in our Tray Packing, from the juiciest swordfish, to the flakiest haddock. Our team of expert fish handlers consistently produces restaurant quality tilapia, cod, scallops, salmon, and a whole lot more!

With consumers continuously questioning their choice of flavorful fish, every store should offer high end pre-seasoned seafood for the customer's convenience!

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