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Boston Sword & Tuna is your sea to home online fish market

Sea to Home Online Fish Market

So Fresh, It's Hard to Imagine

No, really, it can’t just be imagined.

The thing about setting out to become your sea to home online fish market is that you can’t do it with imagination alone. Fish and fishing are as real as it gets.

So yes, we’d been shipping fresh fish for decades to supermarkets, restaurants and fine food stores before we even imagined sending it straight to your door. But the idea is just the idea. Following through takes two things, big resources and hard work. Fortunately, in our five generations and 50 years, we built the former and got used to the latter.

We almost hesitate to call fishing an industry because the people we work with see it as a way of life. Our own family is deep in it, going back four generations before becoming your sea to home online fish market. But the seas and the life in them are both vast, and so the work that surrounds them takes place on a very large scale indeed.

Sources We Can See

From the Boston Fish Pier, we learned what to look for in-person. Later, when we added varieties of seafood that are not from the North Atlantic, we knew what to look for, too, not only in the fish, but also in the people we deal with to get it. We’ve worked hard to make sure the trust we earned on the Pier in both directions – seaward and landward – stayed as solid as ever when we widened our reach.

The warm weather – warm water – months are not particularly kind to certain kinds of fish. That’s where our longtime, nearest grounds in the North Atlantic and Canadian waters come through for us and our customers. We reached out, too, to develop solid relationships in Australia for species such as swordfish, where they’re in winter when it’s summer here. When we decided to become your sea to home online fish market, these connections were already in place to help make sure we’ve got what you want.

Geography as Destiny

Starting right on the pier, we still haven’t strayed far. Just down the road, our 33,000-square-foot facility is focused on fresh fish. With the harbor right outside our doors, ocean waters are filtered through our live lobster tanks to make sure you receive the freshest, best whole lobsters on the market. Our water and ice systems provide for ozonation – a natural, proven way to help all our fish and shellfish keep their freshness.

Our facility is HACCP-certified (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) because food safety is one place where we think it’s important to apply everything the industry knows.

Access is Key

When we set out to become your sea to home online fish market, the access we built into our business became even more important. We’re five minutes from Logan Airport to make sure we never lose a step, whether receiving or sending our catch. And those of you with any experience of Boston traffic can tell the others how close you have to be to Logan to get there in five minutes!

Since 2001, our facility has included six transport bays to speed the loading and shipping. Now that we’re your sea to home online fish market, these bays narrow the time between the catch and your serving at home.

Portioning and Packing

Years ago, we developed a prepared seafood division to offer fine restaurants ready-portioned, packaged fresh seafood that lived up to the reputations the restaurants had spent lifetimes building.

Now that investment we made in precision portioning, scaling, boning, and filleting is even more important as your sea to home online fish market. Your selections arrive looking just as you would choose them if you had hand-selected each one yourself.

Expert cold packing is part of the story, and our customers are pleasantly surprised how much smaller we’ve made the world, when their own fresh selections arrive at their home looking like the fish are auditioning for Top Chef.

Being Your Sea to Home Online Fish Market

When we said fishing doesn’t feel like an industry in some ways, but rather a way of life, part of that way of life we intend to hold onto is the way people deal with each other. Your word is your bond. You don’t take any guff, but you don’t give any either. Getting along is part of this way of life because, in a fishing community, you’d run out of people to work with pretty quickly if you didn’t get that.

Part of our goal in becoming your sea to home online fish market is to make sure that way of getting along lasts. We won’t promise anything we can’t do, and we’ll pull out all the stops to live up to it every time. When you decide to order from us, you become part of this community – that’s part of the deal.

We’ll bring some ideas to your attention as we go along. All you have to do is join our community by clicking this link. Afterward, we hope you’ll make us your sea to home online fish market.