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Shellfish and Online Fresh Fish Delivery

The Fish Have Caught Up with the Jets

For generations, people who lived near the coast enjoyed a distinct advantage. It’s not just that fresh fish and shellfish were available nearby. The many other things that nearness brought with it were big parts of the experience. We’re dedicated to bringing all those advantages to you as we offer you shellfish and online fresh fish delivery today.

Being able to stroll down to the Fish Pier in Boston, for example, and breathe in the knowledge that arises from a scene like that; looking your favorite seafood source in the eye as you ask him or her what’s particularly good today; getting a tip on how best to prepare that catch – moments like these were part of the lives people lived, not only in Boston, but also Key West, Galveston, Santa Monica, and at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Moments like these, millions of them, are embedded deep in our past, present, and future at Boston Sword & Tuna.

For five generations, the lives we’ve built for our family depended on moments like these. So, when we set out to become your source for shellfish and online fresh fish delivery, we did everything we could to bring you the rest of the experience, not just the seafood, as nearly as we could in this digital age.

Knowing the People You Can Trust

First off, if you’re ever in the neighborhood, just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to show you around. There’s something personal about your choice of a seafood source, and we intend to honor that, especially now that we’re offering shellfish and online fresh fish delivery. We’re determined that computers, the Internet, and jets are going to be tools we use and not things that get in the way.

Because the business has always been family to us, we would no more give you a wrong tip than we would mislead each other. That’s the way it works when you sell fish face-to-face for 50 years. And we aren’t going to change now.

We use this same principle when we choose the fisheries and fishing vessels we depend on.

Knowing the Sea Life We Depend On

The experience we built didn’t teach us what to see when we set out to provide shellfish and online fresh fish delivery. Our experience taught us how to see it. It seems like the ocean itself is a living thing, not just the creatures who live there. Conditions change all the time. Seasons might give us a clue, but the seasons alone don’t tell the story. We have to keep our eyes open and our conversations going all the time.

The result of this is that you can count on us to deliver shellfish and online fresh fish delivery. We keep that in our sights, and we’ve been practicing what it takes to fulfill it all our lives. The blogs you’ll find on our website include a monthly update on what we’re seeing out there.

Getting the Fish Ready to Fly

The investment we made in portioning and packaging was already in place when we started offering shellfish and online fresh fish delivery. Being chosen to provide for sought-after chefs and fine restaurants had long ago called for us to figure out consistent portions, beautiful presentation, and stable-temperature packaging, because the league in which those chefs and restaurants played allowed no room for error, and it called for our seafood to be ready to prepare immediately. As a result, what you see when you open your package from Boston Sword & Tuna is what some of the world’s finest chefs wanted to see.

Most of our new customers say they never before saw the kind of quilted aluminum sleeves and wrappers, ice packs, and sturdy, temperature-stabilizing boxes we use to escort your selection overnight to your door.

Of course, the key to this part of our service is to make sure your shellfish and online fresh fish delivery spends as little time getting from ocean to kitchen as possible. So, our 33,000-square-foot facility is still only five minutes from the Boston Fish Pier. And we’re only five minutes from Logan Airport. Depending on the catch you choose, you’re likely to be meeting a fish that was caught the day before.

Oysters, clams, and mussels are our shellfish specialties at Boston Sword & Tuna, and we make sure that no matter how you might decide to prepare them, they arrive fresh to your door live, and ready to be enjoyed on the half-shell if you so choose.

Confidence in Your Shellfish and Online Fresh Fish Delivery

Sustainability is one of the foundations of our business. It came naturally to our great-grandfather’s generation because, in Sicily, they knew there was nowhere to go if the fish ran out. We got bigger during our generations in Boston, but we never outgrew that, and we work as hard at sustainability as we do on any other factor that’s essential to our business.

We took the lead in helping get our North Atlantic fishing grounds certified sustainable for swordfish by the Marine Stewardship Council, and we also subscribe to the tenets of Seafood Watch. We select the fisheries and fishing boats we deal with for their integrity in upholding the ideals of sustainability. And we make it easy for our customers to check on the sustainability of your selection with special icons that indicate “Best Choice,” “Good Alternatives,” or “Avoid.”

Let’s get acquainted. Just click this link, and we’ll bring some ideas to your attention as we go along. We hope you’ll make us your choice for shellfish and online fresh fish delivery. We’re using all we know to make it as near as we can to the way we began face-to-face so long ago down at the Pier.