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       Boston Sword & Tuna is an industry leader in seafood processing that strictly adhere to rigorous food safety and quality standards. Our State-of-the-Art GMP facility is FDA registered, SQF & MSC Certified. We proudly maintain a Safe Quality Food (SQF) food safety certification which is one of the highest levels of certification recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

       Boston Sword & Tuna’s high internal standards indicate conformance with codes of practice, industry standards, regulations and laws concerning production, processing, handling, labelling, distribution, and sale of foods decreed by industry, local, state, national bodies with the intention of protecting the public from illness, product adulteration and fraud.



  • GFSI recognized program for food safety that applies to the entire supply chain - from Ocean to Plate.

  • SQF is about protecting our brand, buyers, and bottom line.

  • By choosing to work with SQF Certified Suppliers, you will gain confidence in the companies you work with while lessening the likelihood and impact of a recall.

  • SQF Certification is a rigorous, accredited, global program that is benchmarked to GFSI and fulfils most regulatory requirements.

  • The SQF Program assesses suppliers by focusing on critical food safety and quality elements such as hazard analysis, risk assessment, and proactive prevention strategies.

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