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Wholesale HEADFISH

Wholesale HEADFISH
from Boston Sword & Tuna

The Boston Sword & Tuna “Headfish Division” is one of our newer additions to our one-stop-shop seafood enterprise. In general, “headfish” refers to a category of smaller fish species that are sold head-on opposed to h&g (headed and gutted) like most other species often are. In this category of our price sheet, like “Specialty Items,” BST customers will find a variety of options to spice things up and add something new. These wholesale headfish species are in many cases niche products that are both regular items for some customers, as well as excellent options to rotate through, feature, or simply try your hand at for other customers.

Some hit items in the wholesale headfish product line include red snapper, grouper, monk, striped bass, squid, skate, scup, tilefish, mackerel, white perch, whiting, bluefish, etc. Each of these wholesale headfish species possess unique featured that differentiate them from one another, and can be versatile for cooking. In terms of product form, we offer our fresh headfish products as whole, and in some cases, filleted. Yields for fillets may vary from species to species.


The BST “Headfish Division” serves as yet another token to our commitment to being “America’s One-Stop-Shop for Seafood".

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