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from Boston Sword & Tuna

We offer three types of fresh shellfish here at BST: oysters, clams, and mussels. These three staple shellfish products are consumed in a variety of ways, ranging from live and freshly shucked out of the shell, all the way to deep fried. Our fresh shellfish products are all supremely fresh as we are able to not only because we are able purchase directly from the source, but also because of how close we are to the source.

Oysters are a delicious seafood product most typically enjoyed raw right out of the half shell. There are over two-hundred species of oysters throughout the world, though only about ten or fifteen are sold commercially. In fact, nearly all wholesale oyster products sold in today’s market are farmed to some degree, as oyster farming dates back over two-thousand years ago to the Romans. The three most popular oyster products we offer at BST are Wellfleet Oysters (MA), Blue Point Oysters (CT), and Malpaque Oysters (PEI). Oyster meat is delicate in texture and should taste sweet and salty, depending on the harvest location.


Boston Sword & Tuna also carries hardshell and softshell clams in the fresh shellfish division. Although both clams, these products are generally enjoyed in different forms. Hardshell clams – or Quohog’s – are found along the Atlantic coast from the Canadian Maritimes to the Gulf of Mexico, and are caught by hand using digging tools. The two most popular types – littlenecks and cherrystones – are eaten on the half shell; whereas larger sizes are often baked or used for chowders. Softshell clams, on the other hand, are a consumer favorite as they are often enjoyed steamed and referred to as “steamer” clams. Another popular way of enjoying softshell clams is fried. Clams are sold a variety of ways at BST, including whole and shucked in gallons as frying clams, chopped clams, and clam strips.

Finally, a widely undervalued fresh shellfish product here in the States, are mussels. BST mussels are available as PEI Mussels and Dutch Style Mussels. The sweet and tender meat of a mussel is as nutritious as it is delicious. Mussels are enjoyed live, fresh, frozen, and are especially delicious when cooked and marinated in sauces.

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