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from Boston Sword & Tuna

Headfish refer to a category of fish that are labeled as such because of their being sold head-on rather than h&g (headed and gutted). These are all mostly smaller fish, which is consequently the reason for them being sold head-on. Red snapper, grouper, monk, striped bass, squid, skate, scup, tilefish, mackerel, white perch, whiting, bluefish, and several others are all contained within the fresh headfish category of our price sheet.

A featured product in the Headfish Division that we do very well with at BST is red snapper. Red snapper, formally known as gulf red snapper, is sourced in both the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as adjacent waters in the Atlantic Ocean. This fresh headfish species is distinguished from other snapper products by its upper body bright red color and red eyes.


Red snapper is a type of fresh headfish that can grow to weigh as much as thirty-five pounds, though sold in the wholesale headfish commercial market between four and ten pounds, and most often as the market standard between two and four pounds. When cooked, red snapper is lean yet delicate, and the meat becomes flakey and white. Its flavor is unique to its own delight, mild yet sweet, and rather moist in texture.

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