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Wholesale Prepared SEAFOOD

Wholesale Prepared SEAFOOD
from Boston Sword & Tuna

Boston Sword & Tuna’s Prepared Seafood Division is a unique asset that we offer our customers. What started out as an investment to meet the needs of one of our valued super market customers has now turned into a product line / processing capability that completely removes the need for a retailer to handle the product what so ever.

The motive behind this endeavor was simple: offer our fresh prepared seafood products in a retail-ready tray pack, packaged airtight with a sealant, and fully labeled. Simple right? Well it doesn’t stop there. Not only do we label each wholesale prepared seafood tray pack with product information and ingredients, we also have the ability to label each tray pack with our customer’s price stickers with prices based off the weight of the product contained in each tray pack at our customer’s specific rates; and we even go as far as offering the option of labeling each tray pack with our customers’ individual logos printed right in front on top of the sealant. That’s right: we do everything.

In addition to tray packed items, we also offer laser-precision portioning for our wholesale prepared seafood products. This product line enables us to produce any fixed weight and fixed length our customers may want, ensuring all portions the exact size required to meet their specs. Our customers and their customers alike can now notice savings on labor, waste, and an overall more consistent quality fish. Our fresh, laser-precision portions are available for most of our products and available in all sizes, though generally ranging from 4-10 ounces.

The BST Prepared Seafood Division is the future. In a day and age where easier is better, this wholesale prepared seafood product line will not only make our customers lives easier, but it will in turn make their customers happier by quality assurance unmatched by any product offering like it. All you need to do is open the box and stock your shelves.

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