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Specialty Seafood

Fresh Specialty seafood
from Boston Sword & Tuna

For those wholesalers, retailers, and restaurants alike out there who wish to spice up their product line or menu selection – the BST “Specialty Items” are your answer. Contained in this section of our price sheet are various mixed seafood products, each of which adds a unique appeal to what is otherwise considered a more ordinary selection. We purchase these fresh specialty seafood products from around the world to make our customers lives easier and their goals more attainable.

A staple product included under the “Specialty Items” section is mahi-mahi, otherwise known as just mahi. This truly is a magnificent looking fish, with bright fluorescent shades of blue, yellow, and green with a metallic like finish. Mahi is a delicious tasting seafood item, with sweet and mellow hints in an overall mild flavored fish. The meat is firm and lean, though possessing large flakes when cooked.

Mahi is sourced throughout the world in tropic and sub-tropic water in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Although size varies, they can grow to be over fifty pounds in weight and over six feet in length. On average, though, they are sold around ten to twenty-five pounds, and the yield off the fish is about forty-five percent of the overall weight.

Each of the fresh specialty seafood products contained in this category of our price list are unique and attributable in their own light. Some do better in certain areas of the world than others, mahi being an excellent example of a hit island product, but they all bring something to the table. Whether you’re looking to run a special, feature a seasonal product, spice up your menu, or simply try something new – the BST wholesale "Specialty Items" product line is your answer.

For questions or further information on any of the other fresh specialty seafood products in this category, click the link below and submit our form for a personal call or email from a member of our sales team.

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