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America's One-Stop-Shop for Seafood

Our Team

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Michael Scola - CEO.jpg

Michael Scola

Chief Executive Officer

Larry Dore Sr. - President.jpg


Larry Dore



Pamela Boardway

Robert Blaikie - General Manager.jpg

General Manager

Bobby Blaikie

Chris Marchese - COO.jpg

COO / Lead Buyer – Salmon

Chris Marchese

Larry Dore Jr. - Logistics Coordinator.j

Groundfish Lead Buyer - Production Manager

Larry Dore Jr.

Mike Machado - Sales Rep _ Sword _ Tuna

Sales Rep / Lead Buyer – Sword & Tuna

Mike Machado

Nick Francescucci - Human Resource Manager.jpg

Human Resource Manager

Nick Francescucci

Jim Sorenson - Credit Manager.jpg

Credit Manager

Jim Sorenson

Dave Hopkins - Logistics Manager.jpg

Sales Rep

Dave Hopkins

James Scola - Sales Rep _ Halibut & Wild

Sales Manager / Buyer - Halibut & Wild Salmon

James Scola

Paul Scola Jr. - Sales Rep _ Shellfish B

Sales Rep / Lead Buyer – Shellfish 

Paul J. Scola

Steve Scola - Maintenance Manager.jpg

Sales Rep

Steve Scola

Paul Dimare - Sales Rep _ Lobster Buyer.

Sales Rep / Lead Buyer – Lobsters 

Paul DiMare

Melissa Strickland - Sales Rep _ Shrimp

Sales Rep / Lead Buyer – Shrimp

Melissa Strickland


Lead Buyer / Division Leader – Headfish

Roger Rivera


Brendan Slowe

Marketing Manager / Sales Rep

Scott Harrington - Inventory Manager.jpg

Scott Harrington

Head of the Virgin Islands Division/Lead Buyer Dry Goods

Julie Phillips - SQF Document Controller

SQF Document Controller

Julie Phillips

Bill Sheehan - IT Director.jpg

IT Director

Bill Sheehan

Peter Safner - Sales Rep _ Scallop Buyer

Sales Rep / Lead Buyer – Scallops 

Peter Safner

Eddy Palma - Plant Manager.jpg

Plant Manager

Edy Palma

Bala - sqf manager.jpg

Head of Quality and Food Safety

Bala Kishore



Natasha Acosta

Caitlin Romero - Administration.jpg


Caitlin Romero

Phil - BST.jpg

Maintenance Manager

Phil Tripoli

Retired Employees:

Paul Scola Sr. - Vice President.jpg

Vice President - Retired

Paul Scola

Bob Cardoza - Sales Rep.jpg


Bob Cardoza

Joe Lanfranchi - Sales Rep.jpg


Joe Lanfranchi

Joe Tramonti - Sales Rep _ Halibut _ Wild Salmon Buyer.jpg


Joe Tramonti

Jimmy W - BST.jpg


Jimmy Weitz

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