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from Boston Sword & Tuna

At Boston Sword & Tuna, we offer our customers strictly “All the Best” North American lobsters on the market. Meaning, the North American lobster, or “true” lobster, is the only product we stock our fifty-thousand-pound capacity holding tank with; which is conveniently located just twenty-yards outside the Atlantic Ocean on Boston’s Waterfront. The North American, true lobster is labeled as such because of the spiny lobster having two claws and a much smoother shell. This species is found exclusively in the western north Atlantic from Newfoundland to North Carolina.

Lobsters are a live product, and therefore must be kept in the proper conditions until ready for cooking. Once cooked, the lobster shell turns a bright-orangey red color, and the firm white meat tastes salty, sweet, rich, and flavorful.

BST fresh lobster products are available in various product forms, including graded and whole, as well as shucked meat. When sold live, fresh lobsters are graded by size according to pounds as follows:

  • Chix (1 lb)

  • Quarters (1 ¼ lb)

  • Halves (1 ½ lb)

  • Three-Quarters (1 ¾ lb)

  • Deuces (2 lb)

  • 2-2 ½ lb

  • 2-3 lb

  • 3-4 lb

  •  4-6 lb

  • 6-up (6+ lb)

In addition to being sold live and whole, we also offer fresh and frozen wholesale lobster meat. Since lobster meat is held within the lobster shell, there are a number of different meats to be enjoyed with a lobster. As such, we sell our fresh lobster meat accordingly:

  • TCK (tail, claw, knuckle)

  • TC (tail, claw)

  • CK (claw, knuckle)

  • CKL (claw, knuckle, leg)

  • All Tail (tail)

For more information on our Lobster Division and its consumer favorite products, click the link below and submit our form for a personal call or email from a member of our sales team.

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