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Wholesale LOBSTER

Wholesale LOBSTER
from Boston Sword & Tuna

Boston Sword & Tuna is a world class purveyor of hardshell North American lobsters. Not only do we own a fifty-thousand-pound capacity holding tank for our fresh lobsters, we also have that tank positioned in our facility just twenty yards from the Atlantic Ocean on Boston’s Waterfront. By result of this exclusive feature found at BST, our wholesale lobsters are consistently exposed to all the natural nutrients found in the fresh ocean water that is filtered and pumped into our tank around the clock. Furthermore, this feature provides us the ability to run an open system during the cold winter months and a closed system during the summer, when we then filter and chill the water to an ideal temperature best suited for our product

BST North American lobsters are not only the best quality on the market due to our buying directly from the source in Maine and Canada, but are also set at the sharpest prices on the market. Although buying direct also provides a significant impact on our affordable prices, the real impact of this is found in our volume buying power. For many of lobster purveyors out there selling retail – you may find that you are paying more for your wholesale lobsters elsewhere than you would purchasing from us for the very same North American fresh lobster product – and you may find yourself wondering why? How? Well, as is with many of our products, BST North American lobsters are offered at industry leading competitive prices due to the massive volumes we are able to purchase in bulk. Our volume buying power, in effect, enables us to drive our cost down on this famous delicacy so that we may in turn drive our prices down for our customers.

Boston Sword & Tuna Lobster Division didn’t grow from nothing to well over a million pounds a year by luck, rather, we climbed our way up through knowledge and expertise for the trade. Paul DiMare – our Lobster Division Manager – is both a long-standing seafood professional and New England lobster guru. His knowledge of when to buy, how to buy, and how much to buy are why our sales team can move thousands of live lobsters out our doors with full confidence day-in and day-out.


Our superior quality by result of both buying direct and then storing them in our state-of-the-art, fresh and filtered ocean water holding tank until point of sale – combined with our extremely competitive prices by result of our substantial volume buying power – are the reasons why the BST Lobster Division sits on top of the wholesale lobster industry.

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