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PATRIOT oysters aVAILABLE eXCLUSIVELY AT Boston Sword & Tuna

In 1776, as our Founding Fathers were building this country, they were also dining on oysters. That’s right turns out oysters are as American as, well, America. Even Martha Washington, our original First Lady, had a thing for such succulent bivalves. She incorporated them in many dishes to help keep her husband George hearty and full while he fought alongside his Patriots and defeated the British. Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, and John Adams, the revolutionary Massachusetts statesman, both enjoyed slurping down the ocean-made hors d’oeuvre. But the American fervor for mollusks doesn’t stop there. Not only were oysters loved by our most revered American Patriots, they were also a delicious meal enjoyed by all. Today they’re a delicacy, but their fresh, crisp taste is the same as it was during the birth of our nation—and so is the clean New England coastline from which they’re farmed. "As I ate

the oysters...I lost the empty feeling and began to feel happy and to make plans," remarked American writer Ernest Hemingway. So when you’re feeling patriotic and longing for a taste of history that’s at once refreshing and pleasant, wholesome and savory, do the right thing and shuck open a Patriot Oyster. Farmed in Massachusetts, in the Cape Cod Bay—an oyster’s throw from where the pilgrims began colonizing the Land of the Free—you can be sure that Patriot Oysters are American made and boldly delicious.

Patriot Oysters begin their life at the tidal flats of Crowes Pasture Beach in East Dennis, MA, where the Quivett Creek and Cape Cod Bay meet. These flats are one of the few protected marine nurseries in MA and are known as a breed­ing ground for Horseshoe crabs, striped bass, squid, lady crab, and plover. The farm is a partnership between Big Rock Oysters and Boston Sword & Tuna. Seed is purchased from Dr. Steve Malinowski at Fishers Is­land Oyster at 8-12mm and placed in 6mm square French purse style grow out bags in the waters of Crowes Pasture Beach. There, the oysters grow, elevat­ed roughly 3-4 inches off the bottom of the sea floor. The oysters are tumbled and sized bi-annually into Australian Aquatrays measuring 3’x3’ and which are stacked three trays high, elevated off the sea floor. The oysters feed off phyto­plankton brought by large flushing tides from Cape Cod, and the freshwater from the nearby Quivet Creek. After three seasons, the oysters are tumbled a final time, and hand-graded for market.

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Our Patriot Oysters have a lovely tear-drop shape measuring about 3x3, with sturdy shells splashed with olive and lime greens. A bite into one gives a burst of salty ocean water upfront that mellows to some sweet vegetal notes, and a hint of cream. Hearty meat and a firm texture round out the perfect bivalve package. The flavor profile is described as having plump meats with medium brine containing notes of umami and clean sweet mineral finish.

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July Promotion with Mass Fallen Heroes

Over the past 4 years BST has partnered with Massachusetts’s Fallen Heroes to help support a great cause and raise money for the foundation. Although we work with them year-round raising money, or donating fish, the month of July is our favorite because with every box of Patriot’s oysters sold during the month, BST gives $5 to the Massachusetts’ Fallen Heroes. We have raised nearly $50,000 throughout the past 4 years by promoting these oysters to our customers, and our customers have been amazing supporting the cause and promoting them to their customers. We are proud and excited every year to introduce this promotion to give back to such a great cause like that of Mass Fallen Heroes. This foundation is involved in honoring fallen heroes, supporting their families, and educating the community about their mission and goals. Choosing an organization like this is a big part of BST and Patriot Oysters mission.

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