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America's One-Stop-Shop for Seafood



from Boston Sword & Tuna

At Boston Sword & Tuna, we offer our customers an entire “Frozen Price List” as part of our unwavering commitment to being “America’s One-Stop-Shop for Seafood.” Fresh seafood is a tricky product for chefs and retailers who need product readily on hand, but can’t afford to lose product due to spoilage. It's also nice for retailers to have a second offering for consumers who tend to buy frozen product in bulk and stock their freezers, or incase their fresh product runs out! E-commerce direct to consumer sales is another great use for frozen seafood! For cases like these, we offer a large list of frozen seafood products!

When it comes to frozen seafood, there are endless options available year round, and we work hard to ensure our freezer is stocked full so you can depend on us for all your seafood needs! Our frozen categories include: (1) Azuma Products, (2) Frozen Squid & Octopus, (3) Frozen Salmon, (4) Frozen Tuna, (5) Frozen Swordfish, (6) Frozen Mahi, (7) Frozen Shrimp, (8) Frozen Lobster & Langoustines (Scampi), (9) Frozen Cod, (10) Frozen Halibut, (11) Frozen Snapper, (12) Frozen Scallops, (13) Frozen Chilean Seabass and more! Within each of these categories we offer different cuts, sizes, etc. 


BST Frozen Seafood products present our customers with a variety of versatile options in regards to their stores, menus, or customers menus. Our Azuma products like our various Tobikko options are favorites amongst sushi customers, as well as our seaweed salad options, calamari salad, shrimp tempura, etc. Our frozen center cut salmon portions, frozen ahi (tuna) options, frozen swordfish steak options, and frozen lobster meat options – on the other hand – provide an exceptional quality back-up option for our fresh customers.

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