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Wholesale SHELLfish

from Boston Sword & Tuna

The Boston Sword & Tuna wholesale shellfish product line is simple, yet sufficient. We offer all the basics – including a variety of oyster, clam, and mussel selections. What sets us apart from other companies that sell wholesale shellfish, though, is that we only source the most premium products available on the market as close to the source as you can get.

Included in our selection of oysters, our customers can find a list of versatile, fresh shellfish options, both in price and harvest location. For instance, we offer consumer favorites such as Wellfleet’s, Blue Points, and Malpaque’s – while also maintaining a steady supply of alternative selections. We keep the wholesale shellfish category fresh, of course, so you will see options move in and out every few days. Although, we generally maintain a steady supply of each option included on our price sheet.

We also carry various clam options. Count neck clams are one of our biggest sellers, and steamers are a seasonal favorite. Aside from these two choices, our price list also includes frying clams, chopped clams, and clam strips. Last but not least, mussels. Here we keep things really simple, offering only two selections of mussel harvest locations. Truth be told, however, these two are all you’ll ever need. The two style mussels we carry at Boston Sword & Tuna, then, are Canadian PEI mussels and Maine Dutch Style mussel.

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