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Wholesale Specialty Seafood

Wholesale specialty SEAFOOD
from Boston Sword & Tuna

The “Specialty Items” section of our price sheet is a unique product line of ours insomuch as it contains a variety of mixed products that are often either niche menu items or an option to spice things up for our customers. This category of products is an example of what sets Boston Sword & Tuna apart from the rest as part of our commitment to being “America’s One-Stop-Shop for Seafood.” These products, as stated, are niche items that we purchase from around the world so that our customers don’t have to.

A large majority of the BST's fresh "Specialty Items" product line consists of daily imports we bring in directly from the Hawaiian auction. Rare-end species such Opah, Uku, Wahoo, Hebi, and Tombo to name a few, are all wholesale specialty seafood products we bring in directly from Hawaii. Although we also source a large portion of our mahi from Hawaii, we also go to various other locations around the world for this island appropriate product, including local east coast catches when in season.


A few other more common species found in this wholesale specialty seafood category include: halibut, marlin, escolar, monchong, mako, and kampachi. We see mixed action out of this section quite frequestely, meaning that we have both steady customers for particular products; and we also have those customers who try something new on their menu every week and cycle these products through.

Whether it be mahi and wahoo – two big items for our Virgin Islands Division in particular, or local east coast halibut – a customer favorite all over, we created this section to have the wholesale specialty seafood items our customers often struggle to find elsewhere.

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