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Oysters, the patriot way

Over the past 4 years BST has partnered with Massachusetts’s Fallen Heroes to help support a great cause and raise money for the foundation. Although we work with them year-round raising money, or donating fish, the month of July is our favorite because with every box of Patriot’s oysters sold during the month, BST gives $5 to the Massachusetts’ Fallen Heroes. We have raised over $20,000 throughout the past 3 years by promoting these oysters to our customers, and our customers have been amazing supporting the cause and promoting them to their customers. We are proud and excited every year to introduce this promotion to give back to such a great foundation like Mass Fallen Heroes. This foundation is involved in honoring those fallen heroes, supporting their families, as well as educating the community about their mission and goals. Choosing an organization like this is a big part of BST’s mission as well. Patriot Oyster’s is named after the ones who fought for our country and gave us the freedom we have today to run our business and feed America. Therefore, choosing a foundation that supports those who have died fighting for our country was an easy decision. As we continue to promote these during what is left of this rainy July, we wanted to get the chance to highlight the background of our oysters and this foundation. We hope to continue this promotion for years to come, as well as supply these delicious Patriot oysters to you and your customers!

Personally, if you asked me what made me think of summer, I would say shellfish, particularly oysters. Local restaurants set up raw bars and have dollar oyster nights all summer long to celebrate warm weather. Even though the weather here in New England has not been the best, oysters are still a hot commodity throughout these months. Luckily, Boston Sword and Tuna created their very own brand, Patriot Oysters, locally sourced from the Cape Cod Bay. Patriot oyster is based on American pride to celebrate their origin. Coming from just a few miles away from where America was born, these oysters are just as historical as anything else you read in high school textbooks. Our oysters are farmed in the Cape Cod Bay and is home to the sweet and uniquely flavored oysters that are enjoyed just as much today as they were by the founding fathers. With our brand Patriot, we have made a name for ourselves in the oyster business. Raw on the half shell, grilled, fried, and so much more, there are endless ways to enjoy these oysters! They are available year-round for your enjoyment, but during the month of July, you can enjoy them a little bit more knowing you are supporting a great cause!

Thank you all for your continued support as we work hard to being “America’s One-Stop-Shop for Seafood and Shellfish” while giving back and supporting our community!

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