Seafood for Thanksgiving?!

The first Thanksgiving took place in Autumn of 1621 in Plymouth Massachusetts. The meal was shared by the Pilgrims and the native Wampanoag tribe to celebrate the survival of the colony, the brotherhood with the natives and the first fruitful harvest. But do the meals we know as “traditional” actually look anything like the first Thanksgiving spread? Believe it or not, there is no evidence that shows there was turkey present during the first Thanksgiving feast; historical records show that foul had been brought to the table, but it is believed the foul was geese or duck. Potatoes had not been introduced in North America yet, the pilgrims did not have sugar, there were no cows and there was no wheat, which means there were no potatoes, no cranberry sauce, no butter, and no pie! So, without potatoes, cranberry sauce, pie, or even possibly turkey, what actually was served at the first Thanksgiving? Culinary historians believe that first meal consisted of a variety of seafood.