Products: Norwegian Atlantic Salmon

Norwegian Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar
products salmon wholeWhen it comes to salmon, we decided from the beginning we would only sell the best and most consistent product on the market. That’s why we went to the icy fjords surrounding the island of Froya in northern Norway, where we formed a partnership with a select group of farmers who pay the extra attention to detail that is critical to producing the highest quality Atlantic salmon. The result is a smoother-flavored, richer tasting salmon that is prized by chefs and homemakers alike.

Our salmon are filleted pre-rigor in Norway and flown the same day to our facility in Boston, where we remove the pinbones, trim, grade and pack our fresh fillets. We can ensure you get the best quality farmed salmon fillet because we hand select each fillet, instead of just swapping boxes. That’s why our farmed salmon sales have grown to reach almost 4 million pounds a year.

For further details on this premier product please visit our Norwegian Salmon Buyer's Guide page. salmon fillet salmon whole

Product Forms: Fresh, whole, head-on; skin-on, skinless PBO fillets and portions